Lead testing services New York

Lead testing services New York Environmentalism certified specialists will do extensive lead paint inspections and lead water testing to identify if your property is at risk for lead in soil, paint, or water, and draw up a lead risk assessment report with any suggestions to reduce the risk of lead poisoning. Any lead risk assessment has a sense of urgency because of the health concerns connected with lead, particularly for newborns, young children, and women of child-bearing years.

Lead testing services NJ And NYC

According to the State Department of Health, lead-based paint is found in 1.2 million residences. Our mission is to assist consumers in identifying lead concerns and providing practical advice on how to safeguard their families. All of our inspectors hold the Lead Risk Assessors accreditation. This additional training allows us to discuss the concerns connected with various building materials in your house in addition to performing lead tests. Lead inspectors are only permitted to collect samples and are not allowed to give advice or make suggestions. The utility of Lead testing services New York is limited without the capacity to provide recommendations.

Effects of Lead Exposure: Lead poisoning may harm both adults and children. Headaches, stomach discomfort, vomiting, muscular soreness, and constipation are all signs of lead poisoning in adults and Lead-exposed children. In addition, lead toxicity in children can cause developmental and learning problems. Therefore, children age six months to 6 years are deem high priority by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lead testing services New York
Lead testing services New York

The Importance of Quality Lead testing services New York

In light of recent lead, testing recalls. We at Kac solutions want you to be aware of the necessity of expert Lead testing services New York for homes, schools, and businesses. Lead is a very poisonous heavy metal that may be find in the environment, polluted drinking water, and manufactured goods. Paint and various building materials used in older homes as late as the 1980s fall under this category. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there is no such thing as a safe level of lead exposure.

Testing For Lead in Buildings: You may be asking what actions you may take to test for lead at home, school, or work. Whether or not you are affect by the recall. An expert environmental consultant’s professional inspection. And Hazardous material testing services  can go a long way toward putting your mind at ease.

Lead testing services NJ for Peace of Mind: We provide thorough lead paint inspections and environmental testing services in New York. We may also establish an abatement strategy. So that you can take quick action to eliminate this health threat from your home, daycare, school, or company.


According to OSHA, over 804,000 employees in general industry and another 838,000 in construction are expose to lead. For example, construction workers are expose to lead during the removal, renovation, or demolition of structures painted with lead pigments. They may also be expose to lead metal or alloys during the “installation, repair, or Lead piping and connectors are being destroy, as are lead cladding in tanks and reactor cores, leaded glass, soldering, and other activities involving lead metal or alloys Lead is find in solder, plumbing fittings, rechargeable batteries, lead bullets, leaded glass, brass, or bronze products, and radiators in general industry. 

LEAD POISONING: Lead poisoning occurs when lead accumulates in the body over a long period, frequently months or years. Lead poisoning may occur in even small doses, causing major health issues. However, lead poisoning can be lethal in large quantities. The most prevalent sources of lead poisoning are lead-base paint and lead-contaminate dust in older buildings. Contaminated air, water, and soil are some of the other causes. Adults who work with batteries, undertake home restorations, or work in car repair shops are all at risk for lead poisoning. According to the Mayo Clinic, children are most at risk. But lead poisoning may also affect adults and occur in the workplace.

Why trust our Lead testing services, NJ: Asbestos, Lead testing services NJ, mold, water, and other Hazardous material testing services NYC are among our specialties. We have a total industry experience of over 30 years and have worked with hundreds of residential and commercial clients.

Lead testing services New York

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Kac solution has served my area for several years now, and I have to say their work is impeccable. They do lead testing services in New York with great price. I'd been very satisfied with them and would definitely recommend others to try them out.

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