ABATEMENT SERVICE IN NEW YORK undertakes chemical and mechanical removal of hazardous lead compounds on buildings and material surfaces under controlled settings to produce a safe environment, using OSHA and EPA trained staff. The Abatement service in New York keeps up with the latest developments in safety, new techniques, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance by maintaining OSHA and EPA required certifications, training, and record-keeping.

There's No Substitute for Experience

Abatement service in New York is the industry leader in abatement services, offering the best protection against long-term liability and tenant disturbance connected with hazardous material cleanup. Abatement efforts come with health dangers. As a result, skilled project management is essential. Abatement service in New York has the expertise and people to remediate sites in the most cost-effective way possible for the customer and the services to be offered. You’ll notice that we work to a strict timetable and employ proprietary labor and material control techniques that have been refined over time. We can even accommodate tight schedules with shift work and weekend schedules for your convenience.

Reasons for Testing a Structure for Asbestos
Before constructing a new structure or demolishing an existing structure, asbestos should be tested for presence since asbestos particles can cause health problems if breathed. Asbestos-containing items are typically safe when left undisturbed. They can, however, become fragile and collapse with time.

Abatement Service In New York
Abatement Service In New York

Benefits of an Abatement service in New York

The outcomes of the abatement procedure are improved by using competent asbestos and lead removal strategy. Abatement Service In New York has several advantages.

  1. Efficacy: Our asbestos and lead professionals know how to implement a successful abatement strategy. During the removal procedure, lead and asbestos must be handled with care. Abatement also necessitates effective cross-organizational collaboration. A detailed sampling plan is part of a complete removal plan that enables a more successful discount.
  2. Safety: Safe asbestos and lead removal necessitate specific techniques and equipment only a professional can provide. Environmental variables might sometimes add to the risk of injury. Asbestos Inspection NYC can help you monitor bids and choose a contractor who employs reliable removal procedures.
  3. Cost: Asbestos abatement necessitates federal rules and safeguards, which raise expenses. Through bid management and thorough project planning, Kac solutions can assist you in controlling these expenses. Our experts know how to plan a project that saves money without sacrificing quality.

Why Choose Abatement Testing New Jersey

Abatement Testing New Jersey assists enterprises in promoting safe working conditions as a regional leader in workplace safety. Because of our experience, clients prefer Abatement Testing New Jersey for abatement planning.

Experience: We’ve worked on small and big projects, including lead and asbestos remediation. Some of the most fantastic abatement projects in Philadelphia have been completed in our portfolio. We’ve also worked with budgets of as much as $8 million in the past. Asbestos project design NYC specializes in occupied facility abatement and large-scale demolition removal planning.


  1. Abatement Testing technicians are certified in a variety of health and safety fields, including:
  2. Affiliation in the American Industrial Health Organization’s Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) program
  3. Asbestos Analysts Registry State-specific credentials for lead and asbestos management
  4. The Environmental Protection Agency has given me qualifications as an asbestos project designer and a building inspector.
Abatement Service In New York

Clients Reviews

Kac solution has served my area for several years now, and I have to say their work is impeccable. They do lead testing services in New York with great price. I'd been very satisfied with them and would definitely recommend others to try them out.

Christian Duehner

Kac solution were really very good in abatement service. They provided us a great solution of our industrial odor problem. They did a great job on that and solved our problem very well.

Hannah Busing

Kac solution has helped me a lot in hazardous material testing for my home. This is a very professional and experienced company for me. I like their work style, staff behavior and all other process of work.

Karl Fredrickson

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